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PROFFIRE OÜ - is a company which works with the aim of developing and improving people’s quality of life through the constantly updating offers and services of fire safety and not only. Need to mention that fire safety is dedicated to the prevention of ignitions, keeping in safety human life and health. Always need to be remembered that fire - is the element of nature which is disobedient to human’s wishes and habits. According to the statistics of Estonian Rescue Board in 76% of fire ignition incidents the human himself is involved.

In addition to fire safety services we will also help you in matters that are related to video surveillance, electrical works, sales and usage of permitted pyrotechnical products. Our absolute advantages are: the immediate readiness to implement and highly perform all client’s requirements and wishes; flexible approach to the problem solving; personal approach with the topical innovative offers that justify client’s needs and requests. PROFFIRE OÜ is constantly progressing in the field of own working activity, conducts educational and exciting activities to familiarize with new generation fire extinguisher Elide Fire Ball, elaborates new ideas and strategies with the effort to successfully actualize them in life.

We are always ready to provide help in the field of educational training or consultation about the fire safety. Moreover, we will help you to find the best fire prevention equipment; both, for private and public officials.

Our services are always updating according to clients’ needs. Please follow the news feed. A full range of services you can always find at different sections of the site and for more specific detailed information freely contact our experts.

We respect not only our partners but also value each person, who turns to us for help.

Best Regards,